Illustrating concept in a memorable way
The two main restaurant concepts of authentically and modernity were communicated by the phonetic spelling of a Chinese word meaning green tea and the addition of an icon made up of two circles—one traditional and one modern.
Making it simple and direct for the user
The site was created to for ease of use by communicating as much about the concept of the restaurant as possible on the first page thus reducing the need for too many additional pages.
Creating a unique visual language
The two circular “Authentic and Modern” icons were designed to be used in a wide variety of applications. On a staff t-shirt, they added humor to the overall dining experience.
Using systems to delight
The menu system was designed to continue the consistent theme of simplicity and directness in both a fun and unique way. The durable bound covers also made it easy to update the menu when necessary without sacrificing the quality of presentation.

Lozoo Identity